How to Get Longer Hair Fast!

I always get asked how I get my hair so long so here are some things I do to get my hair longer fast. The number one tip is to not wash your hair everyday. This is seriously a game changer! I know you’re probably scared that your hair will get greasy/oily but over time your hair will actually adjust to it! I usually only wash my hair a few times a week! I don’t need dry shampoo but love to use it to volumize my hair and make it smell good of course! Washing your hair too often isn’t the best for your hair for many reasons and your hair’s natural oils actually helps hydrate and repair your hair so throw on a shower cap and try starting off by only washing it every other day!

If you can, let your hair air dry instead of blow drying so you don’t damage it by the heat of the dryer. The next tip is to try to style your hair only a few times a week, I usually only style my hair twice a week and use heat protect stray. Heat protect stray is key, make sure you’re always using it when you plan to put any kind of heat on your hair. I also take hair, skin and nail gummies, they not only have important vitamins like biotin and C and B vitamins they also taste super yummy. Increasing your protein and omega-3 fatty acids intake will also help and drinking lots of water too! A lot of people say getting trims often will help too but to be honest (I hate to say this) I only get a hair cut twice a year and my hair is growing just fine and there aren’t that many split ends (probably since I don’t style it everyday)! Want to see what hair products will help you in this long hair journey? Stay tuned for tomorrows blog post! Got some tips of your own? Share them below! 🙂

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