Smoothies On the Go!

Anyone else love smoothies and protein shakes? If so, you need to get the BlendJet! It a cute little portable blender so you can make your favorite drinks on the go. I love to “meal prep” my smoothies by adding frozen fruits and veggies in ziploc bags and taking them to work. Then all I do is take the ziplocs to work and make my smoothies with my BlendJet whenever I get hungry. I’d make the smoothies before work but I don’t get hungry at 7 am and usually eat at around 11 am ish! My work has a community blender that the whole office shares but it’s always dirty and gets used a lot so I personally have no desire to use it and question how sanitary it is which is why I love to bring my BlendJet to work. If you’re a slow drinker like me, you’ll love the BlendJet because when your smoothie starts to separate , you can just put the lid back on and re-mix everything.

I usually make something like the above for breakfast! Half a bar of frozen açaí, strawberries, a splash of vanilla almond milk, vanilla whey protein, and Beauty Collagen! What is Beauty Collagen you ask?! It’s a yummy powder by Vital Proteins that will help give you a youthful glow, hydrates your skin, improves skin elasticity and does soo much! Check out all the benefits here! When I go shopping I make it a goal to find at least one thing new to try, it’s just fun discovering new hidden gems! I actually stumbled upon this product years ago at a CVS, the packaging of the Beauty Collagen in Strawberry Lemon caught my eye and I’ve been hooked since. Super quick, easy, yummy and healthy!

Credit: Vital Proteins

I love to use the BlendJet for simple protein shakes, amino blends and other supplement powders such as Beauty Collagen. Blender bottles don’t get all the whey/supplement chunks out for me but the BlendJet does an amazing job blending it so the consistency of your drink will be smooth and yummy baby! The BlendJet is also really easy to clean, you just add some water and soap and turn it on to have it rinse everything and boom- it’s clean! It comes with a USB charger and holds its charge for a few days. I got mine from Urban Outfitters but you can also buy directly from BlendJet too. Both sites are currently selling it for $40 but look out for sales too, I got mine for $30. If you’re super limited on time, you can even buy JetPack ready-to-blend packs on their website, the mango matcha and tropical blue ones looks so good! Got any meal prep tricks you’d like to share? Any yummy smoothie recipes? Share them below! 🙂

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