Amazon Beauty Must-Haves

Anyone else love Amazon as much as I do? You can buy almost anything and it arrives in a matter of days! Nowadays I do most of my shopping on Amazon to avoid being out in public and exposing myself. Lockdown has got be shopping more and more- oops! At least I’m helping the economy, right? 😉 Here are some of my all time FAVORITE Amazon beauty products!

T3 Interchangable Styling Wand, $270

Credit: Amazon

I’ve had this styling wand for YEARS and it still does wonders and looks and works like it’s brand new! The set I purchased comes with three different heads and it’s so easy to switch out the heads. I love this because you can create so many different looks and you save a ton of storage space and it’s perfect for travel. It might seem expensive but you’re getting three different wands so I think it’s totally worth it! You can get the set here.

2-in-1 Metal Eye Cream Applicator & Massager, $9.28

Credit: Amazon

Okay I love this product so much! It comes with two different facial massagers and the other ends are little spoons to easily pick your creams and lotions. You use one side to apply the product and the other side to massage it into your face. I love it cause it keeps your products sanitary and since it’s made of metal its cold and refreshing when you apply product and helps reduce puffiness and improves circulation. You can get them here.

Facial Steamer with Extractor Tools, $32.99

Credit: Amazon

This facial steamer is so incredibly relaxing and helps minimize the look of my pores and controls my acne. I use it at least once a week and add a few drops of tea tree oil which helps with scars. After a few minutes of applying it directly to my face I use the extractor tools and put on a sheet mask. It comes with 4 tools and each tool is double-sided. You can buy this set here.

Portable Facial Nano Mist Sprayer, $12.99

Credit: Amazon

I already mentioned this product, but if you missed it, check it out here. This portable mister helps moisturize and refresh your skin! It produces a fine cool mist in seconds and it’s so fine that it doesn’t ruin your makeup. It’s super refreshing, I love that it has the function to cool the water because this helps with fatigue and wakes up you! I don’t think you’re supposed to add essential oils to it but I do anyways for more benefits and so far it’s still working fine! You can buy the mister here.

Permanent Hair Removal with Facial Cleansing Brush, $479.95

Credit: Amazon

Okay I know what you’re thinking.. $479.95 is a lot of money but this product is totally worth it. I got my hair professionally laser hair removed and it cost me thousands of dollars. I ordered this to maintain the hairs and it does the same job as professional laser hair removal for a fraction of the cost plus it comes with an electric facial cleansing brush- it’s similar to a Clarisonic that usually costs around a hundred bucks so you definitely get your moneys worth. You’ll also save a ton of money on razors and a ton of time too since you never (or rarely) have to shave again!

UV LED Gel Nail Lamp, $36.99

Credit: Amazon

Getting your nails done is fun and all but it gets expensive and time consuming over time and nail salons are closed right now anyways (where I live anyway). I learned how to do gel nails myself and love this lamp! It’s pretty easy, all you do is apply the gel polish and other nail products and put your fingers in the lamp for a few seconds and boom you have durable, salon gel nails! This has saved me a lot on time and money over the years. I actually ordered this lamp in 2018 and it still works like new. You can buy it here.

5 Peice Nail Design Brushes, $15.89

Credit: Amazon

I also bought these brushes in 2018 and they’re still like new. I use these brushes to apply gel polish and name designs but have also used the finer tips for my makeup. I’ve washed these brushes a lot and they haven’t rusted or faded at all since waterproof! The brushes will las your years since they also don’t shed. They also come with a cap making it sanitary and travel friendly. You can buy them here.

Electric Nail File 5-in-1 Professional Manicure Pedicure Kit with Stand, $22.98

Credit: Amazon

This little kit does it all! The cordless electric nail file comes with 5 different attachments to remove cuticles, smooth corns, calluses, will, buff, polish and shine fingernails and toenails. No to mention that you can flip the stand around and it turns into a portable UV light! It’s perfect for traveling! I’ve also had this since 2018 and haven’t had any problems with it and still haven’t had to replace the batteries! You can buy it here.

These are my favorite beauty products that I can’t live without! What are yours? Have you tried any of the ones I listed or plan to try them? Share your thoughts below!

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