How to Create Faux Freckles

Faux freckles are the thing right now, especially in the beauty industry and I’m a big fan of this trend! I think they look so sweet and really helps tie your look together. I love the appearance of skin-kissed skin and adding the freckles also helps distract from my blemishes! I’ve tried different technique to accomplish this look, some worked out terribly and some worked wonders! These are the methods and products that worked best for me!

1. Freck

Credit: Freck

This option is probably the most popular option there is right now. They were one of the first companies to come out with a freckle product and I think they did a great job being one of the first movers of this trend. They’re a little more on the pricey-er side but the quality is worth it for me since it lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. You just take the little brush and dab dots all over your face, I like to focus on my nose and checks. Then gently tap out the product with you finger tips so more subtle dots will appear giving a more natural look. The XL size is $32 and you can buy on their site here or on other sites like Revolve and Urban Outfitters.

2. Brow Products

Credit: Glossier

Oh love this option because I don’t add freckles to my look all the time but when I do, I just grab my brow product and I’m good to go. I looove brow pens, I recommend Grossier’s brow pen “Brow Flick” because it lasts all day and is smudge-proof so the freckles won’t smear of your face. The color “brown” is perfect for freckles too and I use the same method as I do for the Freck option. Just dab the pen in desired area and tap out the product with my fingertips. You can buy their brown pen on their site here for $18.

Another great one is the Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow Pen. I love this one too especially because it’s formulated to last 3-7 days without irritating your skin so you don’t have to reapply everyday. You can buy it from their website here for only $12.

3. Henna

Credit: Henna Caravan

Last but not least we have the henna tattoo freckle option! This one is fun if you plan to wear no make up or super light coverage makeup. If you’re used to wearing medium to full coverage foundation then the freckles won’t show too much or at all but it’ still a fun look for when you’re makeup free. I love this because when I’m makeup less I don’t feel completely naked and the freckles distract from my acne scars. The freckles last around 3-7 days as well. When buying henna make sure it’s all natural and chemical free. I buy mine from Henna Caravan and they even have a helpful article on how to use their products to achieve the freckled look here. I get their henna freckle kit infused with lavender essential oil and it’s only $12.50.

Those are my top three methods and products that worked wonders for me! Have you tried this trend yet? Are you a fan of it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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