Oh hi, I’m Bahareh!

You’re probably thinking… ” ‘Bahareh’? Where the heck is that from and what does it mean?!” It’s Persian and it means “someone who brings Spring”. Doesn’t really make too much sense in English but it can be interpreted as someone that brings sunshine and helps you bloom. Ahhh cheesy I know but that’s just how I live my life baby!

I’m a strong believer in living a kind, healthy, and happy lifestyle. To me, that starts with spreading kindness by being kind to yourself and to others. In order to be kind to your fullest potential, you must first be kind to yourself! Self-care is so important: eating healthy, working out, skincare routines, making yourself feel pretty with makeup or dressing up, and the list goes on. I’m here to help spread love and kindness. To spread positivity and help you “bloom” and make you feel pretty both internally and externally, I hope you’ll help me along the way too! Let’s help one another live a healthy lifestyle, spread kindness, boost internal beauty while also helping improve confidence by discovering health and beauty trends, remedies, secrets, and more!