Stay Hydrated and Refreshed with Infused Water

I don’t know about you but I’m the worst at drinking water! I’ve tried the reminder bottle that is programed to remind users me to drink water but that didn’t work for me, I tried that bottle has has little time slots on the side to keep me hydrated all day long and that didn’t […]

Smoothies On the Go!

Anyone else love smoothies and protein shakes? If so, you need to get the BlendJet! It a cute little portable blender so you can make your favorite drinks on the go. I love to “meal prep” my smoothies by adding frozen fruits and veggies in ziploc bags and taking them to work. Then all I […]

Healthy Mangonada Spicy Mango Smoothie Refresher

It’s been getting soo hot here in Los Angeles! These yummy spicy mango smoothies has been keeping me refreshed. I make Mexican fruit bowls regularly then I thought to myself, “why haven’t you tried blending it into the a smoothie?!” So I did just that and it’s pretty dang good! Warning: this drink definitely isn’t […]

California Sun Salmon Sushi Bowl

My sister made me one of these yummy bowls during the start of quarantine and we’ve been hooked since! I made some more shortly after and added my own personal touches to it to add some more flavor. We love eating out on the balcony, on a nice sunny day which is why I named […]

My Go-To Salad: Persian Salad with a TWIST

I grew up eating this salad regularly and yet, I’m still not sick of it. It’s honestly my favorite salad for multiple reasons, it’s yummy, healthy, has great benefits, it’s refreshing and it reminds me of home. My sweet and adorable mom would make this for my sister and I all the time when we […]